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Recording at Touchstone

Over the past five years, we managed to collect all the equipment necessary to record our own music. This is a dream come true and we make use of it very often indeed!

Other than us recording our music here (see Kinsmit, Blebiru, Joan...), other artists have rented the space to record as well.

In the past couple of years, the atelier has become the headquarters for Minas' producing activities, recording albums for TSOP SKG, Fay Arapatsani, Kiki Deirdre and more.

Are you interested in recording at our space? Or maybe you want to collaborate in producing your album? Contact us!

Till then, here are some examples of music recorded at Touchstone. Check them out!

Remco recording the second Kinsmit album

Remco recording the second Kinsmit album with Jelle

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