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Our story...

Touchstone is a music studio and a platform for creative processes located in a historic wharf cellar in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This cellar is used for creating, presenting new compositions and as a meeting spot for creatives and supporters. Touchstone is a place to work on new compositions or present work-in-progress and recently finished material in an intimate setting. The works of your heroes and heroines are Touchstones. Through their work, you can measure your work and your ambition to create good work. At Touchstone, this concept manifests itself on a local level.

Touchstone brings together people from all walks of life to share fascinations, creativity, and skills. Since 2019, a community of artists and supporters established around the platform. Throughout the year, there are concerts, exhibitions, writing sessions, and philosophical debates. Come on over to see what happens at Touchstone!


"For us there is only the trying, the rest is not our business"

T.S. Eliot


Remco Jacobs

A singer-songwriter specialised in singing original songs and poetry, Remco founded Atelier Touchstone in the spring of 2019. Feeling that city centres world wide are deprived of quirky, independent and accessible art spaces, Remco turned this former recording studio into a meeting spot for artists and people who are interested in their work. As an artist Remco is better known as Kinsmit and as one half of the duo Poems from Ago, a project he runs together with Juliana Hahn in which they put Irish poetry to music.

Who runs Touchstone:

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Myrthe Boersma

Minas Vakaloudis

Myrthe graduated from the HKU Acting School and the Master of Music Theatre at the Conservatory of The Hague & De Veenfabriek. She started writing songs, which made sense: she was already writing and singing. Nowadays she works as an actor, coach, writes, is a moderator of conversations, makes a podcast and does a dozen of other things. She is half of the duo JOAN, plays with Kinsmit and other friends of the Touchstone community. She always dreamt of creating a place like Touchstone, a communal place where artists would meet and influence each other. At a certain point some time ago, there was a coffee and the rest is history.

Minas was born in Greece, in 1994. He moved to Utrecht in 2018 to study music and since then he has focused on composing, performing and recording original music ranging from instrumental pop, improvised music and experimental sound collages.. He fell in love with Touchstone in 2020 and since then he's been involved, organizing events, hosting and creating this website.

Minas releases his music under the artistic moniker 'Blebiru' and is part of many other music projects as a bass player, producer or both.

Get in touch!

+31 6 15 41 06 82   Remco


+31 6 15 59 69 23   Minas

+31 6 22 11 76 06   Myrthe


You can also find us at:


Oudegracht aan de Werf 427, Utrecht

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