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TLT Live at Touchstone

Free improv session with Tisa, Tania and Lida.

TLT Live at Touchstone
TLT Live at Touchstone

Time & location

19 nov 2022, 21:00

Touchstone Atelier, Oudegracht aan de Werf 427, 3511 AZ Utrecht, Netherlands

About the event

Tisa - vocals Tania - Saxophone Lida - piano/electronics

Few things about us in case you want to know :

Tisa  N. Herlec (1996, Ljubljana) communicates, organizes, writes, performs  and creates imaginaries (with sound, voice, in texts and images).

Collaboration, processuality and the friction between structures ignite her inspiration.

In  her vocal performances, she sources a song from the subconscious, using  extended techniques and exploring the capacities of the voice,  empowering it and imaginatively playing with structures, narratives,  poetry and presence.

She thinks and practices composition and improvisation, exploring its emancipatory and interactive potentials. As  a part of her research she hosts a radio show "The Side Entrance" at  Radio Worm where she conducts interviews with performers and composers,  digging deeper.

She  is a member of various ensembles, and performs, exhibits, organizes and  publishes around Europe, promiscuously, spontaneously and with great  joy.

She  completed a masters in Fine Arts in Ljubljana, and a masters in  Experimental Publishing in Rotterdam, where she is currently based.

Tania  Zountsa is a Greek saxophonist, improviser and composer based in the  Netherlands. She currently doing her master at Hku conservatory focusing  on composition and play with several ensembles  which work creatively  with original material. She leads a band called Singularity Point and  they released their first album on July 2022. Tania’s detailed  focus on  sound brought her to the development of her unique tone on saxophone as  well as new ways of composing that you can clearly sense in her music  which has elements and influences from different genre such as world and  African American music with main focus always the spontaneous and  intuitive ways of creating music . Her focus point at the moment goes  around the intervallic approach on improvisation and the further  research on new material that can bring inspiration and open new paths  on improvisation and composition.

Lida  Brouskari (1995, Athens). She is a pianist, composer and improviser.  Her music is spacy, serene and unsettling at the same time. Intense melodies and intervals are a typical part of her musical style. She blends piano with electronics into her music and creates a mysterious ambience.

She is leading two projects, a jazz avant - garde quintet “Kapaw!” and a Greek - vocal based quartet “Nufaro”. Her most recent collaboration with saxophonist Tania Zountsa has led to the creation a duo that focuses mostly on improvisation. Lida has been hosting an improvisational concert series called YuijiuY, inviting different guests, since every session has a different theme/concept. Lida has released one EP with her former band “Concentric” and is planning to release three more with her current projects. She received her Diploma of Classical Piano (2013) in Athens while at the same time started experimenting with jazz and pop music. In 2018, Lida was accepted at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium to follow her studies in Jazz n Pop piano under the tutelage of Bert van den Brink.

Entrance : Donation based

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