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Panagiotis Gourdoupis & Coen Kaldeway

Panagiotis Gourdoupis - Guitar, Compositions Coen Kaldeway - Tenor Saxophone

Panagiotis Gourdoupis & Coen Kaldeway
Panagiotis Gourdoupis & Coen Kaldeway

Time & location

03 mei 2022, 20:00

Touchstone Atelier, Oudegracht 427, 3511 PJ Utrecht, Netherlands

About the event

Panagiotis  Gourdoupis is a Greek guitarist and composer. After completing his  classical guitar studies in Greece he moved to Utrecht in 2017 to  explore the Dutch music scene and study jazz guitar at the Utrecht  Conservatory. He has collaborated and performed with numerous bands /  ensembles in various styles of music (Jazz, Latin, Classical music). His  latest project is his upcoming debut album ‘Any Time Now’ which  consists of original tunes written for guitar and tenor saxophone.  Inspired by musicians such as Wayne Shorter, Lage Lund and John  Scofield, Panagiotis creates music with an intimate and nostalgic sound  that often morphs into groovy and rhythmically challenging tunes. 

Coen Kaldeway:After having finished his study Ecology at the university  of Groningen Coen decided to follow his other calling: music. At age 27  he was admitted at the jazz department of the prestigious Conservatory  of Amsterdam, where he mastered the saxophone, flute and clarinet. After  his studies he was mostly working as a sideman in bands and as a  multi-instrumentalist in numerous theater productions. Coen recently  released his debut album “Vanishing Point” which was very well received.


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