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 In the winter of 2021-2022, Touchstone joined forces with Atelier Ernst vH to create a magazine that would capture the creativity and movement of the surrounding community.

 In doing so, we started collecting prose, poetry and other artwork and printed it in rApport’s first edition, the publication of which came the same day as Touchstone’s third birthday, March 1st, 2022.

 With rApport, we aim to offer a limited alternative to the unlimited dispersion offered by digital media and to trigger discussion among a community of creators and readers.

Our art periodical is also fed by the weekly writing sessions that take place at Touchstone.

 We recently released our second edition under the common theme “Seeing you”.

It costs 5€ and you can find it at Touchstone or order it through email at or

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Does our project seem interesting to you? Is it something you could see yourself involved in? Please do contact us at and we’ll let you know about the theme of the upcoming edition and deadlines for submitting your work.

We’re happy to see rApport grow and we hope it keeps doing so through your support and/or contributions!


The rApport team

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