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Blues Nights

A fortnightly event focused on blues music. Every month we touch on a different subject and sing and talk about how it manifested itself in blues music. This event is a combination between a lecture and a concert.


Ukiyo Koffie & Kinsmit Tea Sessions

Tea tasting and live music. Concentration and relaxation. These elements make up the core of the tea sessions at Touchstone. During this fortnightly event, we're flowing in and out of tasting, listening, and conversation. An easy-going and intimate session focussed on tea and music.

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rApport zine

rApport is an art zine that bundles the creative output of an international community of artists based in Utrecht. The zine is a collaborative project between Touchstone Atelier and Studio Ernst vH. The zine is being sold at Touchstone and partly conceived there through our writing club!



In the front part of the studio, we have an exhibition space. This room is a transition space from the world outside to the creative realm of the studio. During the year, various artists are on display. Currently, we host the 'Hope' series created by Ernst van Hagen.


Writing Club

Myrthe Boersma & Rafaella Antoniou host and coordinate weekly writing sessions. These meetings include writing exercises and ideas to stimulate our creativity and get into a flow. We write and read our writings to each other and exchange feedback. In this way, and within the safe environment of the studio, we want to develop our writing skills. Would you like to join? Send us an email!

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